Drivers Only

Drivers Only Installation

The BitFlow Software Development Kit (SDK) can be installed in two ways on your computer, the full SDK and drivers only. The full SDK is needed if you are developing your own application, or if you want to use some of our own advanced applications. The drivers only version is needed if you are using a third party application, such as A&B Software's ImageWarp or MVTec's HALCON. The full SDK installs everything you need to compile, link and debug your own application that works with our frame grabbers. It also installs some of our high level applications, which can be used on their own right to capture and analyze images. Source code for all of the application plus our libraries is included. The drivers only version installs just the binary components, the camera configuration files, the kernel driver and some utilities.

There is no charge for the drivers only version of the SDK, and it can be downloaded from the Customer Support Files area. During installation, enter 0 for the serial number, and all of the necessary binary components will be installed (this is a useful feature for OEMs deploying their own systems). The full SDK must be purchased from BitFlow or your distributor, see the Sales portion of this site for more information. After purchasing the SDK you will receive a serial number that will tell the installer to put the full SDK onto your system.


The following table lists the major components in the SDK.

ComponentFull SDKDrivers OnlyDescription
CiView Yes Yes Real time video display and capture application
SysReg Yes Yes System configuration utility: associates cameras with installed boards
BFCom Yes Yes HyperTerminal like application for camera communication through the Camera Link board's serial port
CamEd Yes Yes Camera configuration file editor
PCIWalk Yes Yes PCI configuration utility
VerCheck Yes Yes Displays DLL and driver version information
DLLs Yes Yes Dynamic Link Libraries: these contain all of the functionality of the SDK
Camera Configuration Files Yes Yes Used to configure the board for your cameras
Kernel Driver Yes Yes Provides access to the BitFlow hardware
Documents Yes Yes Text files with the detailed information about the release
BayView Yes   Bayer filter type camera conversion and display application.
Circ Yes   Circular buffer processing application example based on the BufIn API
BiFlow Yes   Sequence capture application example based on the BufIn API
BiProcess Yes   Simple continuous processing application example based on the BufIn AP
CamVert Yes   Low Level camera configuration editor
Source Code Yes   Complete C and C++ source for all examples and user level DLLs
Header files Yes   Definitions required for the API
Libraries Yes   Link libraries for the Microsoft compliers

New SDK Version 6.00!

BitFlow SDK 6.00 has been released. It can be download from the link below.

Get the SDK

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