ImageWarp Image Analysis Software

A&B's ImageWarp software offers today's industrial and scientific imaging professionals a high-performance image analysis and editing application that combines the power of an easy-to-use graphical environment with a comprehensive image processing toolset and includes built-in acquisition and control support for BitFlow's complete line of analog, digital and Camera Link frame grabber products as well as TWAIN devices and FireWire, USB and GigE cameras. Both the full version (ImageWarp) and the Lite Edition version (ImageWarp LE) offer unparalleled performance and features at a fraction the price of other products on the market today. This powerful combination of imaging products allows End-Users, System Integrators and OEMs to streamline their application development down to a few simple steps without sacrificing performance.

ActiveBF is sold and supported by BitFlow's partner A&B Software. A&B designs custom software solutions for BitFlow's hardware products.

21-Day Risk Free Demo

Try ImageWarp risk free for 21 days by downloading a demo from

Free Application Analysis

Send A&B Software your images along with a description of your application and processing requirements. They will perform an analysis with ImageWarp and email you a screen shot of their results along with a quotation. If you purchase ImageWarp, A&B will send you the complete script to help you get started.

Custom Solutions

If you're interested in developing your own application using ImageWarp's highly optimized algortihms, need help creating a COM-based solution to run ImageWarp scripts, require a driver for a new device or want to consider bundling the LE version with your newest cameras, A&B would be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the best possible solution.

ActiveBF is sold and supported by BitFlow's partner A&B Software. A&B designs custom software solutions for BitFlow's hardware products.

Key Features


  • Capture from BitFlow frame grabbers, TWAIN, USB, FireWire and GigE devices
  • Perform frame averaging and integration while capturing
  • Acquire, create, and playback image sequences with user-specified time lapse
  • Real-time Bayer demosaicing for raw color devices
  • Acquire images from multiple cameras and boards
  • Trigger and encoder synchronization, exposure, clock and line rate adjustments
  • Simulation video-driver for prototyping real-time algorithms
  • Read/Store numerous image types: BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PCX. TGA, FITS, STK, AVI, IWD

User Interface

  • Multiple document environment for images, data tables and charts
  • Real-time video window for live acquisition display
  • Rendering of a high-depth luminance scale (1024 levels) using proprietary technique
  • Comprehensive functional dialogs with real-time sliding previews
  • Interactive multi-channel histogram and line profile associated with a live image
  • Digital Editor for viewing and editing the numeric content of an active image
  • Script Editor for automatic and manual scripting, debugging, storing, and testing
  • Context-sensitive help: position the cursor over any interface element and press F1

Graphical Editing

  • Rectangular, elliptical, freehand and magic wand selections (ROI)
  • Add negative selections to set up an ROI with holes
  • Move images/selections to and from another program using drag-and-drop operation
  • Extensive set of drawing tools for direct application to all supported types of images
  • Adjustable size, transparency, hardness, and spacing for brush family tools
  • RGB/HLS interactive color editor with a built-in set of pseudo-color palettes


  • Intel MMX/SSE technology utilized for performance boost
  • Multithreading engine allows for performing up to16 parallel operations
  • Automatic parallelization distributes imaging functions among several CPUs
  • Selectable coordinate system for processing color images
  • High-depth image support in all processing functions

Geometric, Arithmetic and Logic Operations

  • Image stitching and tiling
  • Interactive or automatic resizing with selectable bilinear smoothing
  • Geometric operations: Translate, Rotate, Flip, Reflect and Warp
  • Affine and projective image transformation
  • Arithmetic operations: Invert, Offset, Factor, Average, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
  • Logic operations: Not, And, Or, Xor, Mask, Nor, Nand, Xnor, Swap, L-Shift and R-Shift

Interactive Adjustment and Segmentation

  • Real-time full screen preview during the adjustments
  • Brightness/Contrast/Gamma adjustment in RGB and HLS space
  • Hue/Saturation, Levels, Color balance correction
  • Interactive binary and multiphase thresholding with sampling feature
  • Color multiphase thresholding in RGB and HLS space
  • Several methods of automatic thresholding based on histogram analysis


  • Sharpen and unsharpen masks, uniform, logarithmic, exponent, and bell equalization
  • Dark and white field background correction
  • Several methods of background elimination
  • Noise suppression and edge detection operators
  • Customized convolution with user-defined kernel images
  • Perform discrete and fast transform in both directions
  • FFT-based convolution and de-convolution using graphical editing


  • Basic set operators: Erosion, Dilation, Opening, Closing, Tophat and Contours
  • Iteration-independent high-speed algorithms for binary morphology
  • Proprietary high-speed thinning, thickening and pruning
  • Grayscale morphology with full support of 16-bit, 32-bit and floating-point images
  • Extensive set of geodesy functions
  • Accurate separation of touching convex objects
  • Link operator for connecting broken lines

Signal/Pattern Generation

  • Built-in set of standard signal and pattern generators for prototyping and testing: random noise with user-defined amplitude, non-uniform light from point and line sources, gray and color wedges, sine wave of arbitrary amplitude, frequency, phase and orientation


  • Interactive and automatic spatial calibration
  • Interactive choice of the coordinate system origin and Y-axis direction
  • View image dimensions in calibrated units on superimposed rulers
  • Optical calibration with Lagrange and polynomial approximation
  • Store calibration data along with images for IWD, JPEG and TIFF image types


  • Select from numerous parameters using comprehensible graphic representation
  • Parameter arrays of variable size
  • Manual count and classification
  • Point, line, angle and area morphometry
  • Densitometry and position analysis
  • Automatic and interactive blob measurements
  • Selection or removal of objects by using specified parameter limits
  • Classification of objects by a specified parameter


  • Load, view and edit measurement data in multilevel tables and spreadsheets
  • High-performance global data grids
  • Analyze and edit the pixel values of an active in the interactive Digital Editor
  • Plot an intensity profile with the Line Profile tool
  • Display comprehensive Excel-style data charts


  • Built-in high-level scripting language with parallel processing engine
  • Comprehensive Script Editor with command line support
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)


  • Integrate ImageWarp into your application by using it as a COM-server
  • Access hundreds of ImageWarp functions using COM-methods and properties
  • Exchange data and images between ImageWarp and your application in real time
  • Synchronize your application and ImageWarp with a set of COM-events
  • Run ImageWarp in an invisible mode and provide a user with your own GUI

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