This is a multi-family I/O Cable for multiple camera triggering, encoders and I/O

This cable brings out the all of the I/O signals from BitFlow frame grabbers which have an internal 60-pin I/O header. The signals are brought out to a 62-pin D-Sub connector that mounts in a PC slot. This cable is suitable for use with up to four cameras. This cable supports the models listed below.

  • Cyton-CXP4
  • Karbon-CL2-D
  • Karbon-CL2-F
  • Karbon-CL4-D
  • Karbon-CL4-F
  • Karbon-CXP2
  • Karbon-CXP4
  • Neon-CLQ

Note that this cable replaces the following legacy cables: CONN-KBN-IO and CONN-CLQ-FIO. These cables are no longer available.

The following image illustrates how this cable is used.

Cable Diagragm

Cable diagram in PDF format is here: CONN-DEV-C62.