I/O Cable with 60 Position Breakout Block

This cable brings out the all of the I/O signals from frame grabbers that have an internal 60 pin I/O header. Models that have 60 pin headers are Karbon (only models) and the Neon-CLQ. The signals are brought out to a terminal block with easy to use screw connectors. Each connector is labeled with the pin number (matches the number in the hardware reference manual).

This cable consists of two parts. The first part is a breakout block with allows easy connections of multiple signals. The breakout block has standard industrial mounting capabilities. The Second part is a ribbon cable that brings the signals from the frame grabber's 60 pin header out to the terminal block. This cable is mainly designed for development use, and does not include an EMF tight method for bringing the cable from inside the PC to the block outside the PC.

60 Position Breakout Block

Frame Grabber to Breakout Block Cable

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